Roofline Plastics is a Small, Friendly, Family Run Business Dedicated to Providing

Maintenance Free Work

No Job is Too Big or Too Small and Every Job is carried out with Precision and to the Highest Specification

We are Proud of our Work and offer a 10 year no quibble Guaranteeon all our workmanship

We offer Full Roofline Refurbishment
No Cover-up Jobs are undertaken unless requested by the Customer

Manufacturer's Guarantees vary from 15 years to (50 years Freefoam only) on White Fascia & Soffits and 10 years for Coloured and Wood-grains Potential customers are encouraged to check out our previous customers’ feedback,some of whom have recommended us on The Which Magazine Forum.

We begin by erecting equipment to allow us safe access to the roofline; scaffolding may be required but only on very rare occasions
We remove gutters, brackets and downpipes prior to removing old fascia boards, any insulation material that has spilled over into soffits is pushed back into the wall cavity before soffits are removed.
First row of roof tiles are removed and the end felt is cut back to allow access to soffit fixings

  • Any rotted joists and/or timbers are removed and replaced with like for like timbers. We will ensure that any old nails in the ends of the rafters are removed (or knocked in below the surface).

The building side of the replacement soffit will now be attached in the following ways:

  • Into a uPVC channel fixed to the wall of the house.
  • Screwed to a wooden batten fixed above the soffit to the wall of the house.
  • To the top of the outer brickwork using either a batten down from the rafters.

Replacement Soffit boards are available in two types: 10mm plank-effect hollow soffit board and smooth solid board. The advantage of using plank-effect board is that when fitted there are no visible joins as it is a tongue and grooved board (used for aesthetic purposes if the soffit length is over 5 metres); as opposed to the smooth solid board which  would have to be joined on anything over 5 metres.
PVC soffits material will save maintenance and looks great - there will be no need for repainting every other year, just wiping them down with a damp cloth should bring them back to their original glory.
Current building regulations require ventilation in the soffits for new buildings (equivalent to a one inch gap along the whole perimeter).

Disc Vents are fitted by drilling 70mm holes in soffits at regular intervals and discs are then clipped in place, these will also discolour over time as grime gets into the grill, although they can be popped out for cleaning in warm soapy water.

Over Fascia Vents is by far the best method of venting as they provide full length ventilation and once gutters are fitted they cannot be seen

The next step is to fit the new UPVC Fascia, these are usually available in White, Mahogany, Light Oak, Black-ash and Rosewood, although a whole range of colours is now available. They save on maintenance, look great and there is no need for repainting every other year; just wiping down with soapy water should bring them back to thier original finish.

All fascias come with a manufacturer’s guarantee which varies according to the supplier, white from 15 to 50 years and colours at 10 years against fading and warping due to weather in our current climate.

If over fascia venting is used then these are screwed to the top of the fascia; the fascias are fixed in place with colour matched poly-topped pins and nails that blend into the product being installed and ensure a professional installation also ensuring that the soffit board is clipped into the groove on the inside of the fascia board.

We use ‘Plastops’ fixings which are produced from A4 marine grade stainless steel to eliminate the risk of rust and discolouration, designed for high shock absorption to ensure the tops remain in place during fixing and are ring-shanked for increased grip when installed; colour matched corners are fitted and joining strips are used where soffit length is over 5metres, we usually finish fascia on gable end with a ‘boxed end’ to provide a professional finish.
Next in the process is to fit the guttering, our suppliers have an extensive range of quality guttering to suit everyone's taste and budget. We first attach the brackets at a maximum of 800mmspacings including union joints where necessary, outlet and corner brackets with a run off to the down-pipe, the gutters are then clipped in place.
Guttering is available in various sizes and profiles from the standard traditional 112mm Half Round guttering, Round High capacity  to the extra-large 170mm commercial Guttering;  also Square line and Ogee profile high capacity. Colours are available in standard White, Black, Brown, Caramel and Grey although many alternatives to these traditional colours and now available, and they come with a 10 year guarantee.  Not only do they look attractive to the eye, they are a lot lighter in weight than cast iron guttering so they're much easier to fit and handle.
Our suppliers have recently added an Ogee profileWood grain Effect Range from ‘Floplast’; This guttering is ideal for projects where the fascia has a wood grain effect as they will match the profile completely.

Once the gutters are in place we will fit the Plastic Eave Liners, these are a long life product which are placed beneath the original felt, and which have an angled run-off into the guttering. Roof tiles are refitted and down-pipes are fixed in place. All Upvc is wiped clean of dust, andwe usually clean windows and frames before ‘breaking down’ our access equipment.

Where Dry Verge Caps are required all cement and existing cloaking plate is removed from beneath roof tiles; depending on the span from the wall to the edge of the roof tile, if 100mm or less the new plastic cloaking plate will be screwed to the top of the fascia prior to installation, a hard plastic baton is screwed to the cloaking plate to create a fixing for the dry verge caps to be screwed to. Beginning at the gutter end the Dry Verge Caps are fitted over tile and under cloaking plate and screwed in place, when both sides of roofline is done a finial is fitted to complete the effect.

A good quality silicone is used where necessary and when job is completed a final check is made to ensure there are no defects and everything is clean and free from dust. All windows and doors glass and frames are usually cleaned to complete the look.
Any debris is brushed up and bagged and all rubbish is removed from site and taken to a re-cycling centre.

Cladding systems provide decoration, insulation and protection

Cladding is done to protect your home's wallsno matter what Britain's weather throws at them. The alternative is to continually repaint and repair exposed timber. Not only is this extremely time consuming but also very expensive, especially if you need to employ a decorator. As lifestyles become more hectic, finding the time to concentrate on a continuous cycle of home maintenance becomes increasingly difficult. The problem is, of course, that your home is a vital asset and needs to be protected.

We install a full range of robust cellular PVC cladding profiles in traditional styles, with complementary joints, trims and fixings and we only ever use high quality Cladding Systems from trusted suppliers.

PVC cladding is the ideal substitute for timber cladding. It doesn't discolour over time, it retains its appearance, is virtually maintenance free, and most importantly, it is weather resistant. Better yet, cellular PVC cladding can significantly improve the thermal performance of buildings, particularly when combined with suitable insulation. The range includes 150mm and 300mm Shiplap, V-joint with 100mm coverage and a wide range of trims and accessories and is available in a range of colours and finishes.

We have a strict policy of no ‘over-cladding’ and we make sure old cladding and bargeboards are always removed. This allows us to inspect the walls for rot and damage. We even repair them where necessary, before fitting new cladding.

All of our work carries a ten year guarantee






Roofline Plastics trade throughout Cheshire and Greater Manchester as trusted uPVC specialists with a wealth of independent trade experience.
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